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About 72% of Bhutan’s area is covered with forest. The constitution makes it compulsory for the country to preserve 60% of forest coverage for all times to come.  Bhutan is a land of  snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and densely forested hills surrounding in exotic flora and fauna making it one of the 10 Hot Spots of global biodiversity conservation in the world.

The hills are covered with a beautiful variety of flowers with awesome waterfalls and streams gushing in wild abundance. The Botanists consider the whole country as one beautiful park.

Bhutan is also home to many endangered wildlife like the black necked crane, white bellied heron, the elusive snow leopard, takin, golden langur and red panda among others including rare floral species.

A part of the country’s conservation effort, so far there are nine national parks and four wildlife sanctuaries.

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